Cushion Solotex ©

What is Solotex©? Solotex© is an innovative product of last generation.

cuscini solotex brochure

Its main features are: the elastic filling, the memory form that revolutionize the comfort, the microclimate, the seats and backs compression load deflection, the excellent crushproof and anatomic, bulkiness, and moreover it is an elastic, ventilated, flexible and soft product.

All these features create an extraordinary product, with remarkable durability, elasticity, lightness and a great breathability. If it is rightly used it could be even an alternative to the polyurethane foam.

It can be recycled because is made of natural polyester fiber.

Thanks to the exclusive combination of all these hallmarks, Solotex is a new presentation that can change the world of synthetic fiber and foam used so far for the cushions.